I’ve harboured aspirations of being a writer for as long as I can remember; stretching way back to secondary school after scoring high marks from Mr. Newman for short stories based on those little space marine figurines from geek-fest shop Games Workshop. But I’ve always defeated my ambition with self-doubt and the inability to cultivate the self-discipline that creative writing demands.

My main blog was an attempt (many years later) to get writing again, but it’s lack of specialisation results in a rather haphazard collection of posts; with some simply becoming a picture with a link. In order to start writing original, creative work I have come up with the following format: taking a picture (with my girlfriend’s help) and writing a 1000-word piece of creative prose based on the picture. This approach is useful to me for two reasons:

  1. 1000 words isn’t too much of a chore. I can accomplish this much writing without the piece becoming the proverbial albatross around my neck.
  2. The finite word-length enables me to rein in my rather ‘waffling’ style, forcing me to present a central idea to the piece and deliver it with a minimum of fuss.

I’m fully expecting this creative endeavour to fall by the wayside as most of my instant ideas seem to. But, wouldn’t it be great if I actually followed this one through… creating an ever-expanding collection of work. Work that might actually start being good at some point in time.

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